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Updated: May 5, 2018

Another project I have taken on this year is for the 3rd year Games design course. I was requested to design and create game characters for the game Renegadez by Team Empyrean. Initially the team didn't have much in the way of world building, the game was to be a spiritual successor to a previous game called Gunz whose initial development team had uploaded all assets for use online. Initially I was told they wanted a cyber-punk meets gothic and steampunk aesthetic. Because of this these were the initial design sketches I came up with for the main character who was later named Kei.

These designs were intially inspired by characters like Adam and the Ant's dandy highway man. However after some communication the team decided that they wanted to pursue a more cyberpunk aesthetic. They described Kei and needing to have a cool, casual action girl aesthetic with a long trench coat. And after much back and forth we finally came to a final design.

We decided on a black and gold colour scheme for her coat, the symbol being associated with her being the alchemical symbol for Gold as well as the Sun, something simple and geometric that signals her as the main character in the roster of characters. We also decided on some blue accents to contrast with the gold and black, Kei's silver hair also contrasting with the gold and her white trousers contrasting with the black of her shirt and coat. The following are a bunch of snap shots from Kei's current model progress.

I also designed another character for the series, that was picked up to be modelled by another artist: Harpe. Harpe was a lot easier to design as due to already designing Kei I had some concepts to work off of. Using the running theme of planet/alchemy symbols I decided to use Pluto - the roman god of death. I decided to use this was Harpe was described as an assassin. She was to have a more purple theme and seem more opulent in her design as she came from a wealthy organisation. Here is her quick concept sketch.

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